Hi. I'm Steve Campbell and this is SomewhereSky Photography.


The one question I always get asked. "What kind of Photography do you do?"


And, really I can only answer that 'Photography' is what I do. Because I don't believe in limitations. I don't believe in labels either.


I've been a Wedding Photographer, a Fashion Photographer, a Sports Photographer, a Landscape Photographer. But I don't limit myself to any of those.


I love photography. The simple act of capturing moments is incredible to me and to call myself a Landscape Photographer or a Fashion Photographer or whatever just seems so limiting.  That's why I called this place SomewhereSky - to me the sky is without limits and that's how I see the world. I have a nomadic nature and there's so much I've seen and so much I still want to see. Whether it's a wild camp sunrise or a thought behind someone's eyes, it's all amazing to me.

There's more to SomewhereSky than the creative side and it's something I feel matters a lot. Maybe it's from seeing the world change as it has these last couple of years, maybe it's from time as a teacher or maybe just from getting older and hopefully wiser but it's important to know what you stand for as a individual and also as a business.

So I approach my photography business from three simple values: Create, Inspire, Care. To create memorable work that has value to others. To inspire others to do better. And to care enough to leave people and places better than you found them.



For the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to live once again in the Highlands of Scotland after time living place to place and country to country with work.  I balance work with time on the road, exploring new places and chasing the seasons around Scotland. I spend my free time wild camping, hiking way off grid or overlanding in my converted SUV. Maybe one day I'll see you out on that open road. 


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