"I am rarely at a loss for words, rarely completely blown away. Steve has simply amazed with his work for me. He helped me quickly but did not rush and sacrifice quality. Absolutely stunning detail, nuance and emotion was poured into a relatively mundane description he was handed. He doesn't seem like the type to accept a genius moniker but he is in fact an artistic genius. Hire him! Kyle

Steve is a true renaissance man when it comes to creative. He has a superior imagination and a fast, professional work ethic and he turned around our project material faster than anyone else who had applied. Best of, Steve is able to listen to feedback on the few occasions where we had to make changes and give us exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend him for visual work."  Andrew

" The work we have had from Steve has been remarkable. He truly has a creative talent that few have and values the client to a level I haven't seen before. He really loves being creative and working with people to achieve great results. I cannot recommend him more highly."  Christine

People will doubt you. You will doubt yourself.

There will be times you fail, and times you want to give up,

and then you will succeed beyond your imagination.

Life is too short. Do what you love and be true to who you are.

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