Sunshine and Straight Pipe Shenanigans on the NC500.

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

So I’ve been told, that sometimes, just sometimes, I can be quite a contradiction. I mix sweet and savoury popcorn. I like being hot in summer and being cold in winter. I love the peace and stillness of nature but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the roar of a well tuned engine that pulls me in.

The precision and performance, the elegant shape and design, honed to an aerodynamic aesthetic, the driver and car immersion that allows you to feel every rise and fall of the road.

Over the last couple of years it has been a pleasure to shoot an ever expanding range of performance cars. It’s the challenge of it all that I find so interesting. Photographing cars requires its own unique skillset. In this age of climate change and carbon footprints the driving enthusiast is fast becoming a historic cultural footnote and with it one of the last expressions of true masculine identity so to capture that connection, to do justice to the feeling that comes only from an open road and five wheels in motion.

You have to be passionate about cars and driving to be car photography. You have to be a part of that community to get it. And you have to know your cars as well as your camera because the ‘moment‘ comes and goes fast.

Anticipation is everything!

And of course the background needs to be epic. That’s why I love shooting cars on the NC500.

Even the yellow ones!

Until next time


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