Road Trips and Autumn Skies

There is something quintessentially kitsch and wonderful about taking a road trip. The idea of spontaneous adventure, of unexplored places and shared good times, seems, if anything, more important and special in times of Covid than ever before.

And where else in the UK is better suited to the road trip. The NC500 has its place but there are so many good times and great views to be found well away from that particular beaten track.

And of course, with all that said, what better as a little photo series than a road trip just like that. I’ve been doing a lot of wildlife and nature photos of late and it was a nice change and a satisfying challenge to return to my roots in photography and do some storytelling with human beings.

So we set out to tell a story, to capture moments, in beautiful surrounds and to the sound of life and laughter. In our current climate and, with all the restrictions upon us, there is still room for a little freedom finding.

Our location for the trip was the exquisite Loch Morlich in the Cairngorm National Park but the real star of the day was not the location or even the cast but the VW Camper Van we were lucky enough to have with us. It really set the tone of the whole shoot and gave the story a much needed focal point.

Cameras for the day were two Canon 5D Mk IV and the recently released Mavic Air 2 Drone.

One lesson I learned from my Fashion and Wedding Photography days is that in order to capture natural moments you have to often be a part of the moment and at the same time make the camera inconsequential. Be a part of the conversation or the action rather than an observer of it. It makes everything more relaxed and the results that much more satisfying.

Until next time 🤙🏼

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