And So It Begins..

On some small and individual level, it’s perhaps timely that with all change and disruption going on in 2020 that there is an unexpected and welcome escapism that comes with blogging.

Anyway, welcome to the blog. I’m fortunate and grateful to call the Highlands of Scotland my home and it’s from here that this journey begins.

I still find it amusing(and frustrating) that people feel like they need to label you as a certain kind of Photographer. Like, you HAVE to be a Wildlife Photographer or a Wedding Photographer.

Everyone wants you to specialise and Generalism is a dirty word somehow and I don’t really understand or accept that.

I just capture what interests me. On any given day that could be anything from the wild landscapes or wild nature that surround me to more human focused activities like Fashion or Weddings.

Bit of mix in other words. Different things to different people.

I’m content to be a generalist. Or a multi-specialist if that’s a better moniker.

I’m also a minimalist. I don’t want or need loads of camera gear. Typically I have just one camera and 3 lenses I use again and again. I’ll talk about my gear in another blog but I don’t believe you need much at all. What is far more important is that you know your kit inside out so you are free to concentrate on the capture of your subject, whatever that may be.

Ultimately it’s just about expression. Thoughts. Feelings. Perspectives. Showing the world through a lens from my perspective.

So that’s what this page is all about.

Until next time. 🤙🏼

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