The word conservation means many things to many different people, it brings to mind all sorts of thoughts when that word is mentioned. For me, it means simply to care, to love and to protect the environment. With minimal intervention twinned with a great respect for wildlife, I use my camera as an extension of myself.

More importantly, giving the subject I'm photographing a voice outside of where they live. Highlighting their own unique story or plight within the natural world we share with nature today. The act of preserving, guarding, and protecting all living beings is something I've always done since my first encounters with nature as a child.

For me, it doesn't really need a title because put plainly if you care about animals then you want to help them and care for them. It's something inside you that comes to the surface once you see an animal in pain or distress or you witness something you want to try and change and help with.

Putting together conservation and photography can be very powerful, combining these two elements they can have a profound impact that can move people to such a degree that change can and does happen.